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Discover where you are at now and how you could start moving forward.

Do You Feel...

  • Confused about what God wants you to do with your life
  • Stuck, unfulfilled, frustrated, bored or directionless
  • You are procrastinating & drifting to a destination you do not want
  • Full of doubts, fear & negative beliefs about yourself
  • Having difficulty making decisions about what you would love to be doing
  • Or – you know the way forward but not sure how to start and get going?


I Can Help You...

  • Discover who you are and what motivates you
  • Understand what’s deeply important for you to have, or avoid
  • Identify your Strengths & Spiritual gifts
  • Define your Passion and purpose
  • Map out a clear, step-by step, way forward
  • Get you moving toward the Life you would Love

Coaching Sessions

Self Study Coaching
Self Study Coaching

Work through the coaching materials, tools and reflective exercises at your own pace through the online study platform.

This also includes a one-on-one coaching session before you start and at the end of each course.

Group Coaching

Join other like-minded Christian women in a small, online Group to:

  • Understand You through the Enneagram
  • Discover the Life you would LOVE!
  • Empower Your Life!

Private Coaching

Do you need individualized, personal coaching to maximize your potential and achieve what matters to you?

One-on-one coaching can provide you with the specific skills, tools, and accountability you need to make your personal and professional goals a reality.

Take a Step...

1. Download your FREE "Where are You at? Assessment
Discover where you are at and how you could start moving forward

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