“I feel like I have no control!”

…. my life is in control of me!”

She went on to share details of her over-committed schedule and the many demands on her time and energy. She felt she no longer had control over any of it. Her life was way out of her control!

Can you relate? 

 While we may go through seasons in our life when this is our reality, it will continue to be so until WE personally do something about it. We have to take back control.

As a friend shared recently, her ‘wake up’ came when she realised…

“there is no shining knight on a white horse coming to rescue me,
there is no ‘fix-it’ pill I can swallow 
there is no magic wand I can wave
 – If its going to be – it’s up to me!”

You are the only one in control of your life!  If its out of control, only you can get it back under control. 

Easier said than done! 

But some steps to freedom are these ….

 1. Find someone who can be a sounding board, to enable you to think and talk through all your different challenges, and options (Yes, there are always options!)

2. Identify how long this crazy season may last for. Is there an end in sight?

3. If there is an end in sight in the foreseeable future, then brainstorm how can you intentionally plan in a date to ‘fill up your tank” on a regular basis
eg:  prioritize a personal time out, book time with your family or loved ones, exercise, eat healthy etc – to give you a ‘breather’ and refresher to keep going

4. If there is NO end in sight – then be intentional to make changes. What is the greatest energy/ life drain? How can you

  • delegate
  • delete
  • drop
  • diminish

        some commitments? Which commitments? 

5. Write out a plan. Set a date

6. Ask your friend to keep you accountable.

7. Do it!!

 Get your life back in control. 

If you don’t – no-one else will. 

You can do this – and its worth it!


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