Group Coaching

Understand You through the Enneagram

A Christian perspective of your personality type,

– and how to grow into the Gift God created you to be.

This 12 session program explores your Enneagram type, and why you do the things that drive you (and others?) crazy!   We will explore what your deepest Fears and Desires are and how the motivate you, how you  respond during times of Stress, or healthy Growth,   and what your Weakness’s and Defense mechanisms usually are – ouch!  But we will also explore your Strengths and Gifts,  and how you respond in Relationships ie:  how to get along with yourself, others, and so much more.

You will learn SO much about your wonderful Uniqueness and that of others around you, but best of all – how to grow closer to Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength – and how to love others, as you love yourself!

Discover the Life You Would LOVE!

A nine session course to help you discover and embrace WHO God uniquely created you to be,  WHAT your own specific purpose here on earth is and HOW to walk into the fullness of the Abundant life you were born to LOVE!

        1.  Clarify where are you at now, and where would you love to be
        2. Explore your dream and create a plan to start moving towards it
        3. Discover You through the Enneagram Types
        4. Identify your God-Given Spiritual Gifts
        5. Understand and fulfill your Core Values
        6. Learn how to work to your Strengths
        7. Define your Passion and Purpose – what you are here on earth for
        8. Create a Life Plan
        9. Realize and accept it’s up to You!

I can confidently guarantee that this program will be a hugely worth-while. You will find it is a life-changing investment that you will continue to discover the benefits from for the rest of your life, as you walk more and more fully into the Life you Love!

Empower Your Life!

A nine session course to help you understand the Basic Laws of Success,  stop Sabotaging yourself and how to Empower yourself to live the Life you would Love !

          1. Set your Goals and 90 Day Plan
          2. V.A.K .- What’s your style?
          3. Understand the Basic Laws of Success
          4. Love you Uniqueness
          5. Unpacking those Negative Beliefs
          6. Creating Empowering Beliefs
          7. Using the Power of Words
          8. Design Empowering Life Rules
          9. Fill Up your Inner Tank!

The greatest obstacle to our Success is ourselves, and our sabotaging beliefs. In this exciting program you will learn the tools to handle these so that you can be ‘Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind!’ , and move forward confidently into the Life you were born to Love!

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