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Laurie Thompson with family

My loved ones …

 Josiah (working on the cruise liners), my husband, Hugh, (a professional Organic Landscaper), myself, and Abegael  (an Aromatherapist Massage Beautician) – in our lovely garden at home

It happened while I was watching  a nature documentary.

David Attenborough was sitting, barefoot on the beach at dawn, the breeze ruffling his hair, commenting on hundreds of baby turtles scuttling into the sea. I looked at him and thought, “He has spent his whole life doing what he absolutely loves!  I wish I could be like him!”

Then with a shock I thought, “Oh! I thought I was?”

I had enjoyed a varied life of different career opportunities and was, at that stage, working in a network marketing  career, and had reach Manager level with a team of about 235 people under me.  As I evaluated my work, I realised I LOVED developing people, but I HATED the selling.

During a business meeting, I was chatting with the lady next to me and asked, “What work do you do?” She answered “Life Coaching!”

And that started me on the journey to doing what I absolutely love – and helping other people to!

I trained with:

  • JTS Advisors  – Jeff Sooey, Master Coach
  • Life Coaching Academy of  Australia  (Not accredited)
  • Life Coach Training through “ New insights Africa/ UK” – a member of COMENSA (Coach and Mentors Association Southern Africa) –  Accredited with Meritorious Distinction
  • Practical Stress Management  Training – Pamina Mullins
  • Essentials of Life Coaching – Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI)
  • Become an Enneagram Coach – (BEC) Beth McLeod
  • And on-going professional and personal development with many others

My Passion

… is to  Inspire, Equip, Motivate and Support God’s people to move from ‘just surviving” to truly THRIVING by discovering  the life they were uniquely create to live and love, enabling them to fulfil their God-given potential.

I would LOVE to walk alongside you to enable you to discover and start doing what you absolutely love! 


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